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Employment of foreigners

Hiring foreigners is not easy. The number of documents to be generated / submitted, deadlines to be remembered, logistical issues, such as accommodation planning for employees, certainly will not exceed one heavy mind. Do not worry about the dates of visas and statements, the system will remember them for you and notify you at the right time. Respond always on time, employ foreigners with the HRappka.pl system.

Ważne funkcje w zatrudnianiu cudoziemców

Documents for foreigners

A1, EKUZ and information will also be issued in 30 seconds, whether for the Agency or for a specific customer. You will choose the form of delivery or delivery of documents.

Non-standard settlements

We also service settlements in other currencies, settlements of foreigners, delegates and other schemes specific to the client.

Warnings and reminders in employing foreigners

Avoid penalties - the system protects, among others whether the employee took up employment in accordance with the dates in the statement, as well as the relevant working time and tax residence.

Multilingual printouts

You can create a printout in a selected foreign language with the option of exporting information from the employee's, client's or contract's profile.

Integration with foreign job portals

Are you recruiting foreigners? Publish ads in other languages ​​on foreign recruitment websites.

Multilingual interface

The HRappka.pl system is available in four language versions: Polish, English, German and Russian (individual setting for the user).


Do you provide housing for employees? Dedicated module for managing occupancy, equipment and costs. The possibility of deductions from the payment for accommodation.


The unique transport module allows you to plan (including suggestions based on) employee journeys and to order transport with carriers.

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