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Posting of employees

We know the specifics and needs of the market of companies delegating employees. We also know that the standard HR program will not meet your expectations. HRappka is a tool that easily combines the functions of payroll programs with the transparency of CRM systems, enabling efficient management of the posting process. Ease of configuration and the ability to customize the system for individual customer needs is our business card. Delegate employees with the HRappka.pl system.

Ważne funkcje w delegowaniu

Delegation documents

Declaration on whether you will issue a work permit application in 30 seconds, to the Agency or the Customer, with the option of electronic mailing or printing. We also have a visa register, entries and many more.

Non-standard settlements

We also service settlements in other currencies, settlements of foreigners, delegates and other schemes specific to the client.

Warnings and reminders in the specificity of posting

The system supervises the time delays in the delegation at the stage of issuing the contract.

Multilingual printouts

You can create a printout in a selected foreign language with the option of exporting information from the employee's, client's or contract's profile.

Customers database

CRM in the specificity of HR - customer management, including documents and history of contact, creating links between clients and employees and contracts, creating positions.

Multilingual interface

The HRappka.pl system is available in four language versions: Polish, English, German and Russian (individual setting for the user).


Do you provide housing for employees? Dedicated module for managing occupancy, equipment and costs. The possibility of deductions from the payment for accommodation.


The system gives you the opportunity to create a database of cars that your employees have at their disposal, including settlement of journeys and their costs.


The unique transport module allows you to plan (including suggestions based on) employee journeys and to order transport with carriers.

Anonymized CV

Do not waste time preparing your candidates' profiles - the system will prepare a ready CV for selected candidates from the database in the indicated template.

Free access to the 14-day full version of the application. Try it now!