Integration of recruitment with website

The HRappka System integrates with the website so that all open recruitations are automatically visible on your website. 

Ways to integrate

For your convenience, we provide 3 possibilities to integrate your website with


WordPress CMS Plugin

The plugin can be installed in the cockpit of a website based on CMS WordPress in the Plugins tab. It allows you to not only view open recruitment, but also automatically create subpages with detailed information about job offers. This is important from an SEO standpoint.

Pasting a script into a page source code

We enable seamless integration with the site by copying from the script recruitment module and inserting it into the source code of the Web page.

API Integration

This is an integration method that does not require the connection of external scripts to your site. The most frequently present parts of the site (e.g. job offers) Download the necessary information from the HRappka system.