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A comprehensive system for automating employment processes and accounting for employees, contractors and customers.


Selected functions of our system

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Employee Database

Store all employee data in one place – easy search by phone numbers, geolocation, full history of changes, the possibility of mass contact.

Issuing contracts

You can easily issue a ready contract (printouts the way you want), we support all types of contracts (for employment, temporary work, civil law, B2B, framework), many templates and various languages.

Creating work schedules

In HRappka you can efficiently generate transparent work schedules, adapt them to the needs of the departments and send to employees. What’s more, it’s easy to make later changes to your graphics.

Work time registration

The system allows you to register employees’ working time, both in the form of simple reporting or integration of the system with employee cards.

Electronic Holiday Requests

Employees can report, among others willingness to take a vacation or work day. Applications must be approved in the system.

Employee Portal

Possibility to give employees access to the system with insight into their data, contracts, and requesting work or time off.

Employee settlements

Settle up to several hundred employees at once, settlements of contracts based on the schedule, import of hours from the customer or based on the number entered by him. All contract types.

Electronic Invoice Workflow

We enable the creation of an invoice workflow that considerably simplifies the circulation of cost accounting and documentation in the company and saves time.

Giving invoices

Built-in, complete invoicing system (both on the basis of settlements and the possibility of issuing an invoice regardless of them), corrections, duplicates, VAT registers, and many other functions like JPK FA.

What else can system do?

HR and payroll are just the beginning of the functionality that has. It supports all the key processes related to the hiring and settlement of employees.


  • Candidates database
  • Recruitment surveys
  • Offers multiposting
  • Website offer widget
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E-Employee documentation

  • Compliant with applicable law
  • Transparent database of employees and candidates
  • See more >

Hiring foreigners

  • Generating claims and work permits
  • Notices and warnings in the employment specifics of foreigners
  • See more >

Posting of employees

  • Generating Delegated documents
  • Notifications and warnings in the specifics of posting
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  • Accounting for employees, customers and contractors
  • Custom settlement
  • Electronic Invoice Workflow
  • Payment exports
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