fb Efektywny i wyspecjalizowany system kadrowy • Hrappka

A powerful system for the outsourcing of employees.

Program for temporary work agencies, employment agencies,
recruitment agencies and recruitment companies:

  • HR and payroll system,
  • customer relationship management system (CRM),
  • recruitment program (ATS),
  • human resource management (HRM system),
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP system).

Modern, safe and reliable.
Use cases

HRappka is the most frequently chosen system by Temporary Employment Agencies. Based on the needs and specificity of the industry, we have built a complete and friendly system.


Do you delegate babysitters, builders, welders or employees of other professions to EU countries (France, Germany and others)? See how you can improve your work.


We serve the entire process of legalizing the stay and employment of foreigners of many nationalities - both closer (Ukrainians, Belarussians) and other (including Nepali).


Choosing the wrong employee dearly costs. HRappka is a key tool for recruiters supporting their daily work. Advertise, verify, choose.


A complete HR system


The system supports already at the stage of customer acquisition (contact persons and contact history, offer preparation, contract preparation, projects or order calendars).


Analyzes are more than just reports. Profitability test at every step of the process (calculation of the offer, conclusion of the contract, after settlements), given in an accessible way.


Based on the employees' settlement data, the Customer's invoice and invoice issue takes a while. Dashboard will present the completeness of settlements of both parties.


A functional recruitment module allows you to control recruitment projects, publication of announcements, candidates' applications and their verification and evaluation.


We improve the formalities of employment - printout of the contract, referrals for research, health and safety, and reports to ZUS will take you a moment. Also for foreigners and for delegates.

Settlement of employees

Simple steps to settle any period, contract type or conditions (rates), with the option of including in the employee's (reporting) and client (accepting) process.

Efektywny i wyspecjalizowany system kadrowy

HRappka mobile application

Manage the Employment Agency wherever you are.

  • Efficient management of contacts located in the HRappka.pl system database,
  • customer base and employee base with the possibility of adding more items,
  • list of attachments with the possibility of adding memory files from the phone or from a photo,
  • for employees: view of the timesheet, data and open recruitments with the possibility of application.

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147 tys+


113 tys+


71 mln+


Data safety

We secure data on many levels. Physically (before loss) - Your data is simultaneously on 7 disks, in 2 data centers. Logically (against unauthorized access).

Legal security

Thanks to us, you will meet the requirements of GIODO and RODO. You will provide the required declarations, you will submit the required certificates and certificates, and you will be correctly remunerated

Flexible approach

We listen to our clients and develop the system according to their needs. Possibility to build dedicated modules, installations in the customer's infrastructure, customization of appearance and deep configuration.