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Frequently asked questions

We provide the HRappka system in the form of a monthly or annual subscription. The cost of the system depends on the number of access accounts to the system. Write to us and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs.
HRappka is the only specialized and comprehensive system built on the market in line with attitudes in cooperation with the leading Employment Agencies: Temporary Employment Agencies and Recruitment Agencies. It combines the function of ATS, CRM and ERP, so you can manage all processes in one system. If you want to benefit from the experience of the outsourcing industry - choose the HRappka system.
Of course, our system is ideally suited to your needs, especially if the specialization of your agency is to employ foreigners or delegate employees. HRappka is not only a recruitment program, but also a program for hiring and accounting for employees and clients. What's more, the system has the ability to generate many reports so that you can monitor the profitability of a business or individual contracts on an ongoing basis.
Many of our clients are owners of the Employment Agency or directors of HR departments of large companies. They praise our system for a comprehensive approach that allows you to manage all processes in the Agency with one application. Our comprehensive program, supporting the whole recruitment and recruitment process, is able to increase the efficiency of work at the Agency and reduce the time of performing particular activities. In the HRappka system, arduous and time-consuming activities have been automated, thanks to which you will have more time to grow your business and contact with clients. You will certainly appreciate the completeness of our software and the multiplicity of reports and analyzes available in HRappce.
Of course, contact us to talk about the needs of your agency.
Yes. You can give access to the HRappka system to your clients and parameterize their data permissions. For example, they may only have access to the profiles of their employees and candidates, without the opportunity to consult their accounts.
Agency employees may also have access to the system, with access to their data with the possibility of editing them. From such an account, they can check their schedule and report their readiness to work. What's more, employees also have access to recruitment conducted by the Agency with the possibility of application.
Thanks to the advanced system for the Job Agency, you can optimize and improve all processes in your agency. It will help you increase efficiency and save time and money. By developing the HRappka system, we try to simplify all formalities related to all aspects of running the Employment Agency or the Recruitment Agency.
Yes, technical support is available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. You can get help by calling the number 798 090 094, contact us at kontakt@hrappka.pl or by contacting us in the chat, which in the HRappka system is in the bottom right corner .
Yes, our system is constantly being developed - our developers implement new functionalities and facilities every week, about which we inform our clients in the newsletter. What's more, the system is ready for any changes to the law in Poland and the European Union.
Yes, there is such a possibility. Depending on the number of users working in the system, the server must meet different requirements.

Up to 50 users:
Number of servers : 1 physical server
CPU : 8core
RAM : 8 GB

Above 50 users:
Number of servers : 2 physical servers
CPU : 2 x 8 core
RAM : 2 x 8 GB
DISK : 2 x 2 x SSD 500 GB

Software requirements:
Linux Debian operating system (> = 7)
PHP PHP version 5.6
Database Postgresql database (> = 9.3)
Apache web server
Ability to install PHP additions: eg ioncube_loader
It is possible to configure the php.ini file
Yes, our system is adapted to the requirements of the GDPR, thanks to which you can easily meet all the requirements.
The contract for the use of the HRappka system is enriched with a personal data entrustment agreement. In addition, our system has a module for adding and obtaining consents (eg for the processing of personal data). To learn more, watch our video on YouTube dedicated to changes in the system after the entry into force of the Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data.