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E-documentation Employee

On 1 January 2019, an amendment will enter into force, according to which you will no longer need to keep paper employee documentation. This is the perfect time for changes in the company and the introduction of electronic documentation. A comprehensive system such as HRappka will save you time and money. Do not wait - test our solutions and you'll never go back to paper documentation!

The advantages of electronic documentation


Forget about searching a pile of documents in search of one contract. With the e-documentation in the HRappka system you will quickly find employees in the database, add new documents, generate contracts and send them to the employees for electronic signature. Everything is done in an extremely fast and intuitive way.


Keep all your documents in one place. With our system you can be sure that no documents will perish, and the management of employee documents will be pure pleasure. Install our mobile application to have quick access to documents on your phone.


Storing electronic documentation is safer than paper. With us you can be sure that the documents do not get lost in the office. We offer many methods of additional data security and system compatibility with the GDPR. E-documentation in the cloud allows access to it wherever you are.

Cost reduction

Reduce the cost of maintaining paper documentation. Digitalization of employee files also means a reduction in the cost of operating office machines and excessive use of paper. Paperless solutions are a leading trend in the global market.

Ease of implementation

Digitize employee documents or start running electronic documentation on an ongoing basis. Prepare your company today for the challenges of the future. With the HRappka system it's easier than you think!

Free access to the 14-day full version of the application. Try it now!

Selected functions of the HRappka system

Staff base

Simple and intuitive to create employee e-files. We also have a consent module, so you can process data according to the GDPR.

HR and payroll system

You will generate contracts and other documents in a few seconds. You will settle the issued contracts quickly and export the payments to the bank.

Recruitment system

You will simplify all recruitment processes with our comprehensive recruitment module. Quickly create recruitment surveys and a database of candidates!

Employing foreigners and delegating employees

In the HRappka system you will quickly generate statements whether foreigners' permits and delegation documents.

All-in-One solution in the cloud

With HRappka, you quickly transfer the management of all processes in the company to one, secure system in the cloud.

Data and legal security

You will certainly appreciate many system security options offered in the system. Hrappka is in line with the GDPR.