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Functions of the HRappka system

Effective work


The system allows adding any number of notes on each object in the system (eg employees, clients, contracts), thanks to which you will build a full history of cooperation.


Supplement attachments for employees: scans of ID cards, visas, passports, driving licenses. Create a full history of cooperation with the client, attach scans of offers, orders, contracts.


Easily search for candidates based on skills, or categorize clients by adding any number of tags.

Tasks and checklists

Organize work in your company thanks to tasks and checklists. Deselect things done, delegate tasks to colleagues.


Chat between Agency users makes other messengers unnecessary - information is transferred smoothly.

Knowledge base

Separated disk space in which you can store the most needed documents - they will be available on the main page in the defined folders.

Data exports

Each table visible in the system can be exported to an Excel file. The system also has dedicated accounting exports as well as JPK files.

Contact email and sms

Send e-mails or SMS messages to a selected person, group of employees or clients directly from the system. The contact history will be saved automatically.

Mobile application

The mobile application will allow you to identify incoming calls from contacts with HRappki, view their data, and add notes to them directly after the interview.


Customers database

CRM in the specificity of HR - customer management, including documents and history of contact, creating links between clients and employees and contracts, creating positions.

Projects and orders

Defining the demand for selected positions, the possibility of filling empty vacancies with employees existing in the database or recruitment, tracking the progress of recruitment projects.

Offer calculator

Calculation of the offer for the client, taking into account the employee's employment costs, additional costs and margin based on the complex demand, the ability to print offers.

Access for business partners

Intermediaries (business partners) may have access to the clients they service, the possibility of adding new ones and checking the progress of projects implementation on their behalf.

Portal for Clients

Agency's clients (or internal departments of companies) can get access to basic employee data and their work calendars, have a preview of historical settlements and invoices, and accept working hours / settlements.


Employee base

Keep all data about employees in one place - easy search by phone numbers, geolocation, full history of changes, the possibility of mass contact.

Employee portal

Give the employee an insight into his data (changes accepted by the Agency), the possibility of downloading and electronic signature of contracts, work schedule, and salary history.


Forget about the notes on the desk - a simple inventory of the tools, items, penalties and advances issued to the employee that can be taken into account during the settlement.

Issuing contracts

You can easily make a ready contract (printouts as you like), we support all types of contracts (for employment, temporary work, civil law, B2B, framework), many templates and various languages.

Delegation documents

A1, EKUZ and information will also be issued in 30 seconds, whether for the Agency or for a specific customer. You will choose the form of delivery or delivery of documents.

Documents for foreigners

Declaration on whether you will issue a work permit application in 30 seconds, to the Agency or the Customer, with the option of electronic mailing or printing. We also have a visa register, entries and many more.

Bailiff seizure

Defining a bailiff's or alimony order on an employee will automatically deduct a part of the remuneration (in accordance with the law). After deduction, we will automatically prepare a transfer to the bailiff or the person collecting the alimony.

Individual rates

If selected people have different terms of employment than the rest of the crew - this is not a problem either. A full history of rate changes, the possibility of component definitions - eg dependence on seniority or qualifications.

Blocking remuneration

If the employee fails to fulfill formalities (lack of delivery of a contract or settlement of work tools), the system allows you to withhold payment of remuneration with automatic SMS notification.

Warnings and reminders in the specificity of posting

The system supervises the time delays in the delegation at the stage of issuing the contract.

Warnings and reminders in employing foreigners

Avoid penalties - the system protects, among others whether the employee took up employment in accordance with the dates in the statement, as well as the relevant working time and tax residence.

Salaries calculator

Do not waste time searching for calculators on the Internet - always the current salary calculator is built into the program.

Creating work schedules

The system enables the mass generation of employee schedules and the calculation of hours worked and overtime.


Employees settlements

Settle up to several hundred employees at once, settle contracts based on calendar, import hours from the customer or based on the amount entered by him. All types of contracts.

Customer settlements

Based on the settlement of employees, you can easily settle the customer from which you can quickly issue an invoice.

Non-standard settlements

We also service settlements in other currencies, settlements of foreigners, delegates and other schemes specific to the client.

Issuing invoices

Built-in, complete billing system (both on the basis of settlements, and the possibility of invoicing regardless of them), corrections, duplicates, VAT registers, and many other functions such as JPK FA.

Registering costs

To calculate profitability it is necessary to register costs - invoices can be allocated to customers, and for invoices for transport or flat, the system will verify their amount.

Register of payments and exports to Banks

Do not rewrite manually transfers in the banking system - we allow you to export packages of payments in the selected format to your bank, we also support cash withdrawals and we present balances of employees and customers.

Billing documents

The system will automatically issue bills, payrolls or planned cost invoices for employees on B2B.

ZUS and US declarations

The system automatically generates declarations of registration or deregistration from ZUS, also supports declarations to the Tax Office, including those filed electronically, including PIT-11 and PIT-4R.

Reports and analysis

A rich set of reports will allow you to easily verify profitability on projects or clients and conduct standard operational reporting.


Recruitment projects

All recruitments in one place - statuses and number of candidates at various stages, as well as insight into sent documents, surveys and assessments.

Widget of advertisements for a website

Do you publish job offers on your website? Integration of our job offers module with your website will automate job offers publication and enable candidates to apSply directly.

Integration with local job portals

The HRappka.pl system allows you to puiblish job offers on multiple job portals.

Integration with foreign job portals

Are you recruiting foreigners? Publish ads in other languages ​​on foreign recruitment websites.

Access for recruitment partners

Recruitment partners from the level of their account have the opportunity to add new potential employees.

Settlements of recruitments partners

Recruitment partners can be billed in the system based on the number of candidates added or employees employed, including the option to define a guarantee period.

Poll Wizard

The surveys allow you to collect more information about the candidate at the level of the recruitment form - single and multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, competence tests.

Employee ratings

The candidate's profile can be assessed on the basis of specific criteria.

Anonymized CV

Do not waste time preparing your candidates' profiles - the system will prepare a ready CV for selected candidates from the database in the indicated template.

Adjust for yourself

Multilingual interface

The HRappka.pl system is available in four language versions: Polish, English, German and Russian (individual setting for the user).

Multilingual printouts

You can create a printout in a selected foreign language with the option of exporting information from the employee's, client's or contract's profile.

Adjusting permissions

Possibility of granting rights to users to selected modules along with determining the level of access.

Adjusting table views

You can customize the table view to your preferences and save them as templates.

Customizing forms

You can indicate which employee data you want to collect and add it to any attributes (with selection list, date, open field or even table).

Adjusting statuses and workflow

Adjust the work in the system to the scale of your organization - the system allows you to model workflow thanks to configuration of statuses and notifications.

Operating modules


Do you provide housing for employees? Dedicated module for managing occupancy, equipment and costs. The possibility of deductions from the payment for accommodation.


The system gives you the opportunity to create a database of cars that your employees have at their disposal, including settlement of journeys and their costs.


The unique transport module allows you to plan (including suggestions based on) employee journeys and to order transport with carriers.


Do you keep a detailed inventory of the issue of items and inventory? We have a dedicated module for you!

Statutory reporting for the Employment Agency

As part of the reporting system, we also included the necessary reports for APT mandatory reports.

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Data safety

We secure data on many levels. Physically (before loss) - Your data is simultaneously on 7 disks, in 2 data centers. Logically (against unauthorized access).

Legal security

Thanks to us, you will meet the requirements of GDPR. You will provide the required declarations, you will submit the required certificates and certificates, and you will be correctly remunerated

Flexible approach

We listen to our clients and develop the system according to their needs. Possibility to build dedicated modules, installations in the customer's infrastructure, customization of appearance and deep configuration.