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A comprehensive recruitment system

The recruiter everyday life includes hundreds of telephones, e-mails, meetings with candidates, a pile of CVs on the desktop and a stack of notes after conversations. Build a contact history with the candidate, manage meeting dates, create your own calendar, browse your CV easily, rate and recommend the best candidates. Use the HRappka.pl recruitment system.

Selected features of the recruitment module

Recruitment projects

All recruitments in one place - statuses and number of candidates at various stages, as well as insight into sent documents, surveys and assessments.

Widget of advertisements for a website

Do you publish job offers on your website? Integration of our job offers module with your website will automate job offers publication and enable candidates to apSply directly.

Integration with local job portals

The HRappka.pl system allows you to puiblish job offers on multiple job portals.

Integration with foreign job portals

Are you recruiting foreigners? Publish ads in other languages ​​on foreign recruitment websites.

Access for recruitment partners

Recruitment partners from the level of their account have the opportunity to add new potential employees.

Settlements of recruitments partners

Recruitment partners can be billed in the system based on the number of candidates added or employees employed, including the option to define a guarantee period.

Poll Wizard

The surveys allow you to collect more information about the candidate at the level of the recruitment form - single and multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, competence tests.

Employee ratings

The candidate's profile can be assessed on the basis of specific criteria.

Anonymized CV

Do not waste time preparing your candidates' profiles - the system will prepare a ready CV for selected candidates from the database in the indicated template.

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Data safety

We secure data on many levels. Physically (before loss) - Your data is simultaneously on 7 disks, in 2 data centers. Logically (against unauthorized access).

Legal security

Thanks to us, you will meet the requirements of GDPR. You will provide the required declarations, you will submit the required certificates and certificates, and you will be correctly remunerated

Flexible approach

We listen to our clients and develop the system according to their needs. Possibility to build dedicated modules, installations in the customer's infrastructure, customization of appearance and deep configuration.