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A comprehensive program for the Work Agency

HRappka - is the only proven system dedicated to the temporary work industry. He was formed in close cooperation with agencies from all over Poland (and not only). Supported by their knowledge and experience is a fully adapted tool to the needs and requirements of the market. Take advantage of the industry experience. Employ employees with the HRappka.pl system.

Important functions for the employment agency

Customers database

CRM in the specificity of HR - customer management, including documents and history of contact, creating links between clients and employees and contracts, creating positions.

Employee base

Keep all data about employees in one place - easy search by phone numbers, geolocation, full history of changes, the possibility of mass contact.

Issuing contracts

You can easily make a ready contract (printouts as you like), we support all types of contracts (for employment, temporary work, civil law, B2B, framework), many templates and various languages.

Employees settlements

Settle up to several hundred employees at once, settle contracts based on calendar, import hours from the customer or based on the amount entered by him. All types of contracts.

Customer settlements

Based on the settlement of employees, you can easily settle the customer from which you can quickly issue an invoice.

Issuing invoices

Built-in, complete billing system (both on the basis of settlements, and the possibility of invoicing regardless of them), corrections, duplicates, VAT registers, and many other functions such as JPK FA.

Register of payments and exports to Banks

Do not rewrite manually transfers in the banking system - we allow you to export packages of payments in the selected format to your bank, we also support cash withdrawals and we present balances of employees and customers.

Recruitment projects

All recruitments in one place - statuses and number of candidates at various stages, as well as insight into sent documents, surveys and assessments.

Statutory reporting for the Employment Agency

As part of the reporting system, we also included the necessary reports for APT mandatory reports.

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Data safety

We secure data on many levels. Physically (before loss) - Your data is simultaneously on 7 disks, in 2 data centers. Logically (against unauthorized access).

Legal security

Thanks to us, you will meet the requirements of GDPR. You will provide the required declarations, you will submit the required certificates and certificates, and you will be correctly remunerated

Flexible approach

We listen to our clients and develop the system according to their needs. Possibility to build dedicated modules, installations in the customer's infrastructure, customization of appearance and deep configuration.