Security of the

Logical security

The HRappka system has a number of functionalities that will allow you to protect your data against unauthorized access. This includes:

  • selecting the IP address from which you can log into the system,
  • the ability to configure double authentication,
  • user login via HASH (to enable logging into the application using contact cards),
  • blocking accounts after logging out (this allows you to control the use of the application only during working hours),
  • daily, automatic back-up of data to e-mail,
  • limiting the rights of system users (e.g. recruiters may only have access to the recruitment module, and HR to the HR and payroll module),
  • limiting users' rights to export data,
    e-mail notifications to administrators when the user exports data from the system.

Data safety

At every stage of the development of the system, data security is our priority. We have built-in penetration testing in QA (based on OWASP), so our software meets high security standards.

Physical security

We protect your data physically (against loss) – your data is stored simultaneously on 7 disks, in 2 data centers.

Moreover, we enable the installation of the system on your own server.

Legal security

HRappka is GDPR Compliant. You will provide the required declarations, submit legally required certificates and you will correctly calculate the salaries.

The system is constantly adapted to legal changes in Poland.

We inform you about the changes in our weekly newsletters.