HR Software, which automates key HR processes

Efficiently manage the recruitment of candidates and the full life cycle of an employee in the organization. We are distinguished by the combination of soft and hard HR processes in one system.


Automation of HR processes

HRappka is a comprehensive HR system that supports all HR processes, from recruitment to settlements. It includes:


Automation of recruitment processes, multiposting of job offers, managing candidates in accordance with the GDPR.

HR & Payroll

Employee files, generation of contracts, settlement of employees, management of ZUS and US declarations.

Training management

Creating a list of trainings with the possibility of signing up through the employee portal.

Employee Onboarding

Efficient induction of new employees into the company's organization and duties, without burdening the HR department.

Working time records

Timesheets Creation of timesheets, timesheets, electronic leave requests and more.

CRM for the HR

Customer relationship management: contractor database, customer billing, invoice generation.

Module for Staffing Agencies

A comprehensive HR solution for employment agencies. Support for mass HR processes - from recruitment to settlements.

Legalization of foreigners

Generating statements and work permits. Reminders and warnings regarding legalization.

Employee portal

Employee's access to his documents, payslips, reporting working time and holidays.

Posting of workers

Generating CV printouts, delegation documents, keeping track of deadlines, transport planning module.

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