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HRappka supports all HR processes in the Staffing Agencies - from recruitment, through legalization of work of foreigners, working time records, to settlements & payroll.

All agency processes in one system

Running a modern Staffing Agency is primarily about automating HR processes. Check what you can improve with the HRappka software!

CRM / Client Base

The intuitive client database allows you to efficiently manage customer relations, track the history of cooperation and efficiently create offers and projects.

  • Cooperation management (e.g. statuses, contact history)
  • Website requisition widget
  • Creating offers and contracts
  • Creating projects
  • Recruitment for the client
  • Hiring employees for the client
  • Customer billing (also based on employee settlements)

Recruitment processes

The recruitment module automates recruitment processes and improves the search for candidates through sourcing plugin.

  • Conducting recruitment projects tailored to the needs of temporary employment agencies and employment agencies:
    • recruitment according to the needs of the agency's clients
    • sharing the application with clients with the possibility of evaluation / decision and change of the candidate's status
    • creating “blind CV" – CV templates without candidates' personal data
  • Efficient candidate management (statuses, arranging meetings)

Legalization of employment of foreigners

The legalization module helps to comprehensively take care of all aspects of legal work and stay of a foreigner.

  • Efficient generation of declarations and work permits and sending them to
  • Notifications regarding e.g. end of validity of legalizing documents and declarations / permits
  • Warnings when generating documents that do not comply with permits

Staff accommodation

HRappka enables efficient management of employee apartments, planning employee accommodation and settlement of fees.

  • Managing the availability of apartments and rooms (apartment calendar)
  • Assigning employees to employee quarters (also depending on gender)
  • Defining fees and costs for the apartment
  • Defining meters and the ability to control the status of meters
  • Automatic settlement of apartment fees when settling employees

Working time records

The working time recording module allows you to efficiently manage the work schedule, working time and absences of employees, also in cooperation with clients of the Staffing Agency. We serve:

  • work schedule planning
  • working hours reporting (automatically via the T&A widget, by the employee, the client and import / export of working hours)
  • the possibility of approving the implementation of the plan by the client
  • automatic transfer of the entered working hours to the employee's settlement or data export

Managing employment

The HR module allows you to easily manage employees and generate documents necessary for their employment.

  • Intuitive employee profiles with all the necessary data, tailored to the needs of your company
  • The ability to send e-mails / SMS from our software, saving contact history with employees
  • Generating documents regarding the employment of employees (including contracts, regulations)
  • Electronic signature of contracts / documents
  • Employee portals (e.g. with the option of entering working time / absences, reporting changes in personal data, downloading contracts / documents)

All staffing agency processes in one system

HRappka is a comprehensive cloud software for employment agencies, available from any device with Internet access. It has elements of: ATS system (recruitment management), ERP system (housing, transport, warehouse module, reports and analyses) and HR system (human resources management).

Properly defining your needs and planning processes (in which our implementation department will support you) will help you to efficiently adjust the our software to the needs of your company. Thanks to this, the implementation of the new system will be efficient, and the management of the agency's work will become automated and structured.

We know what staffing agency needs. Try our 14-days free trial and see why leading staffing agencies choose HRappka!

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