HRappka: GDPR Compliance

Consents on the application form makes sure that the recruitment process is legal and GDPR Compliant. Therefore:

  • we enable the creation of consents on recruitment forms, e.g. consent to the processing of personal data, consent to profiling, marketing consent
  • it is possible to insert information about the Personal Data Administrator and personal data process.

Filtering candidates based on consents

In our system, you can quickly filter out candidates or employees after their consents. This will significantly improve the management of candidates, taking into account the consent granted. For example – it will allow you to send mailing only to people who have agreed to be contacted by e-mail or process application of candidate in other recruitment process only if he agreed on it.

List of ending consents

In you will find a list of ending or expired consents. From the list, you can anonymize candidate personal data or send an e-mail to obtain new consent.

Obtaining consents by e-mail

We make it possible to send e-mails to candidates asking for their consent. It is useful when we want to extend an already obtained consent or obtain a new consent. The candidate's consent will be saved in the system.

Obtaining consents is improved thanks to the list of expiring or expired consents. From this list, we can obtain consents en masse.

Personal data anonymization

We enable the anonymization of personal data (also mass data). The contact details of an anonymized person are grayed out and their profile is deleted, but it exists in the system, incl. for statistical purposes.