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Recruitment projects

All recruitments in one place – statuses and number of candidates at various stages, as well as insight into sent documents, surveys and assessments. Quick add candidates (also by importing CV files) and much more.

Candidates database

The transparent database of candidates significantly improves the management of candidates: arranging meetings, assessing candidates and filtering candidates by tags, location, and more!

Recruitment surveys

We enable the creation of personalized surveys with the possibility of creating various types of questions for candidates. Your job offers will get a professional look and positively influence employer branding!

Sharing candidates

We enable efficient sharing of candidates with people who do not have an account in the system, with the option of adding a candidate evaluation form.

Multiposting of job offers

The HRappka.pl system enables recruitment to be made available through many channels, including popular job portals or on social media channels.

Job offers site widget

Are you publishing ads on your website? Integrating our advertisement module with your website will allow automatic recruitment publication and allow candidates to apply directly.

Integration with foreign job portals

Do you recruit foreigners? Publish ads in other languages on foreign job portals.

Employee assessments

The candidate profile can be assessed on the basis of specific criteria. Simple star ratings, as well as complex surveys with the option of sending a profile for external evaluation or comparing detailed ratings of many candidates.

Autoresponders to candidates

We enable automatic sending of personalized emails to candidates who have applied for recruitment. You will effortlessly improve the so-called candidate experience!

GDPR compliance

We allow you to add approvals to recruitment surveys. Consents are saved on the candidate profile and consent list. Dank dieser Funktion entfernen Sie schnell Kandidaten, die ihre Vereinbarung beenden, oder senden eine E-Mail mit der Bitte um Erneuerung.

CV Parser

The ability to automatically create and complete candidate profiles based on data from the candidate's CV inserted into the system.


We have many reports examining individual aspects of recruitment, e.g. the effectiveness of the recruitment form, recruiters, application sources and many others.

Anonymization of data

Profiles of anonymous people have darkened personal, address and contact details, and it is not possible to suspect employee details.

Access for recruitment partners

Recruitment partners from their account level have access only to the list of open recruitments with the option of adding potential candidates to the database.

Settlements of recruitment partners

Recruitment partners can be billed in the system based on the number of added candidates or employees, including the option of defining the warranty period.

Communication with candidates

It allows you to save emails from candidates on their profiles in the system, efficiently reply to emails, and send new messages.


Employee Database

Store all employee data in one place – easy search by phone numbers, geolocation, full history of changes, the possibility of mass contact.

Issuing contracts

You can easily issue a ready contract (printouts the way you want), we support all types of contracts (for employment, temporary work, civil law, B2B, framework), many templates and various languages.

Creating work schedules

In HRappce können Sie effizient transparente Arbeitspläne erstellen, diese an die Bedürfnisse der Abteilungen anpassen und an die Mitarbeiter versenden. What's more, it's easy to make later changes to your graphics.

Work time registration

The system allows you to register employees' working time, both in the form of simple reporting or integration of the system with employee cards.

Electronic Holiday Requests

The ability to create accounts for employees with the possibility of reporting, among others willingness to take a vacation or work day. Applications must be approved in the system.

Employee Portal

Possibility to give employees access to the system with insight into their data, contracts, and requesting work or time off.

Employee settlements

Settle up to several hundred employees at once, settlements of contracts based on the schedule, import of hours from the customer or based on the number entered by him. All contract types.

Employment of foreigners and posting of workers

Documents for foreigners

A statement whether you will issue the application for a work permit in 30 seconds, to the Agency or the Customer, with the option of sending by electronic means or printout. We also have a register of visas, entries and much more.

Delegation documents

A1, EHIC and information will also be issued in 30 seconds, no matter whether for the Agency or for a specific customer. You choose the form of shipping or delivery of documents yourself.

Warnings and reminders

Avoid penalties – the system guards, among others whether the foreigner took up work in accordance with the deadlines in the statement, as well as the appropriate working time and tax residence.

Multilingual printouts

You can create a printout in a selected foreign language with the option of exporting information from an employee, customer or contract profile.

Integration with foreign job portals

Are you recruiting foreigners? HRappka allows publishing of ads in other languages on foreign advertisement portals.

Multilingual interface

The HRappka.pl system is available in five language versions: Polish, English, German, Russian and Ukrainian (individual setting for the user).


Do you provide housing for employees? Dedicated module for managing occupation, equipment and costs. The possibility of deductions from the remuneration for accommodation.


The unique transport module allows you to plan (including based on suggestions) employee journeys and order transport with carriers.

Custom settlements

We also support settlements in other currencies, settlements of foreigners, delegated persons and other customer-specific schemes.

Anonymized CV

Do not waste time preparing profiles of your candidates – the system will prepare a ready-made CV in the template for selected candidates from the database.

Warnings and reminders in the specifics of delegation

The system monitors time delays in the delegation already at the stage of issuing the contract. We will also remind you to organize transport before the end of the contract.

For employment agency

Clients database

Online CRM in the specificity of HR – customer management, including documents and contact history, creating links between customers and employees and contracts, creating positions.

Client settlements

Based on employee billing, you can easily settle a customer, from which you can quickly issue an invoice.

Statutory reporting for the Employment Agency

As part of the reporting system, we also included the necessary reports for APT's mandatory reports.

Electronic Invoice Workflow

Wir ermöglichen die Erstellung eines Rechnungsworkflows, der den Umlauf von Kostenrechnungen und Dokumentationen im Unternehmen erheblich vereinfacht und Zeit spart.

Giving invoices

Built-in, complete invoicing system (both on the basis of settlements and the possibility of issuing an invoice regardless of them), corrections, duplicates, VAT registers, and many other functions like JPK FA.

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