Improve the legalization of employment of foreigners automates all aspects related to the stay and employment of foreigners.


Selected functions of our system

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Documents for foreigners

A statement whether you will issue the application for a work permit in 30 seconds, to the Agency or the Customer, with the option of sending by electronic means or printout. We also have a register of visas, entries and much more.

Custom settlements

We also support settlements in other currencies, settlements of foreigners, delegated persons and other customer-specific schemes.

Warnings and reminders

Avoid penalties- the system checks among others, whether the foreigner took up work in accordance with the deadlines with the deadlines in the statement as well as the appropriate working time and tax residence.

Multilingual printouts

You can create a printout in a selected foreign language with the option of exporting information from an employee, customer or contract profile.

Integration with foreign job portals

Are you recruiting foreigners? HRappka allows publishing of ads in other languages on foreign advertisement portals.

Multilingual interface

The system is available in five language versions: Polish, English, German, Russian and Ukrainian (individual setting for the user).


Do you provide housing for employees? Dedicated module for managing occupation, equipment and costs. The possibility of deductions from the remuneration for accommodation.


The unique transport module allows you to plan (including based on suggestions) employee journeys and order transport with carriers.

What else can system?

The recruitment system is only the beginning of functionality that has the system. It supports all the key processes related to the hiring and settlement of employees.


  • Candidates database
  • Recruitment surveys
  • Offers multiposting
  • Website offer widget


  • Generating contracts and documents
  • Employee Portal
  • Electronic Holiday Requests

E-Employee documentation

  • Compliant with applicable law
  • Transparent database of employees and candidates

Posting of employees

  • Generating Delegated documents
  • Notifications and warnings in the specifics of posting


  • Accounting for employees
  • Client settlement
  • Custom settlement
  • Electronic Invoice Workflow
  • Payment exports

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