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HRappka automates all processes related to hiring employees - from generating contracts and documents, through working time records, to settlements.

Key functionalities

Check which key processes related to human resource management you will improve with our HR and payroll module

Efficient management of documentation and the employment process

HRappka is a comprehensive approach to human resource management. The key HR functionalities of our program are:

Employee e-documentation / Agreements

  • Profiles with employee data, transparent and tailored to your needs
    Efficient generation of contracts (including employment contracts and civil law contracts, B2B) and documents
  • Efficient management of permits (including medical examinations, health and safety, reports) and certificates
  • Possibility of keeping employee e-files in accordance with the Act on e-documentation

ZUS / US / PPK declarations

  • Generating ZUS declarations when issuing contracts
  • Efficient registration / de-registration of employees and family members
  • Mass generation of PIT-11 / IFT-1R and sending to employees
  • Generating declarations of joining / resigning from Employee Capital Plans

Permits and legalization of foreigners

  • Generating declarations and work permits (all types) for foreigners
  • Integration with
  • Reminders / notifications about the ending documents legalizing the stay / work of a foreigner

Efficient management of working time and employees

Our HR program enables efficient management of both working time and absences of employees, as well as their accommodation.

Time records

  • Intuitive creation of work schedules
  • Multi-shift planning, work standardization
  • Employee planning based on employee competencies
  • Creating schedules in accordance with applicable labor law
  • Work time registration

Electronic leave requests

  • Employee portal, incl. with access to the work calendar and the possibility of reporting days off and working hours
  • Automatic calculation of due leave based on the entered data about the employee
  • Notifications about the acceptance / rejection of applications

Staff quarters

  • Search for apartments near the workplace
  • Assigning employees to flats / rooms
  • Adding deductions to employees for housing for settlement
  • Reporting tenants' fees, meters, and housing costs

Four steps to employee settlement

The intuitive billing wizard allows you to efficiently and massively settle the accounts of employees:

Calculation of remuneration

  • Number of hours taken from the employee's schedule
  • Rates charged from the contract
  • The possibility of introducing changes at the stage of settlement

Deductions / refunds / bonuses

  • Automatic collection of deductions, returns and bailiff classes (including periodic ones) added on the employee's profile
  • Possibility to enter items at the settlement stage
  • Adding statutory, discretionary and permanent bonuses

Payroll / Bills

  • Automatic generation of payrolls and bills based on the entered values
  • Shipment of straps to employees
  • Possibility to export data to popular HR and payroll programs


  • Export of transfer packages to the bank in order to efficiently pay wages
  • Export formats compatible with formats accepted by banks

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