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Safe and intuitive system for conducting comprehensive employee records.


Selected functions of our system

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Employee base

We make it possible to create transparent e-documentation in the cloud and access it online. Simply and nicely reduce the amount of printed documents.


Our system complies with the E-Documentation Act, which will allow you to transfer all personal files to the cloud and limit paper documentation.


We secure data on multiple planes. Physically (before loss)-your data is simultaneously on 7 drives in 2 datacenters. Logically-against unauthorized access.

What else can
HRappka.pl system?

The recruitment system is only the beginning of functionality that has the HRappka.pl system. It supports all the key processes related to the hiring and settlement of employees.


  • Candidates database
  • Recruitment surveys
  • Offers multiposting
  • Website offer widget
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  • Generating contracts and documents
  • Employee Portal
  • Electronic Holiday Requests
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  • Accounting for employees, customers and contractors
  • Custom settlement
  • Electronic Invoice Workflow
  • Payment exports
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Hiring foreigners

  • Generating claims and work permits
  • Notices and warnings in the employment specifics of foreigners
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Posting of employees

  • Generating Delegated documents
  • Notifications and warnings in the specifics of posting
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